Sharp Shooters

Sharpshooter is the original design, developed specifically to improve gamers aiming speed and precision in shooter games, by simply adding incrementally adjustable height to the analog stick. Please see the diagram below for the full explanation of they work.

Sharpshooter Classic Black

Aimed at gamers who prefer the traditional shooter games like: Modern Warfare, Black Ops and Battlefield.

Sharpshooter Blood Red

We brought out the Blood Red version for gamers who simply love gore shooter games like Gears of War, Left 4 Dead and Borderlands.

Sharp Drivers

Sharp driver is based on the Sharp shooter as the principle of micro adjusting your analog stick for precise movement also applies to driving games. Instead of aiming speed and accuracy, Sharp driver improves driving precision.

When we realised that gamers were using Sharpshooters for driving games, we decided to design a pack specifically for driving game fans. There will be a few colours to choose from like: Vivid Orange and Green, Ferrari Red, Ice White and more.

The beauty of Sharp shooter and driver is that they not only stack on the top of both Xbox 360 and PS3 analog sticks, but they also stack on other Sharp shooters and drivers, potentially improving aiming speed and accuracy and precision by 33% per stack.

Once you have used this product, you will wonder how you ever coped without them, as they make such a huge difference to gameplay.

Sharp Driver

How do they work?

The maximum curve length of a standard analog stick on an Xbox 360 or PS3 controller is 16 mm (shown on the left most image). This works out that every 1 mm extra will increase the curve length by 6.25%.

Each single Sharp shooter and driver will increase curve length by an extra 33% (5.3 mm). Therefore, potentially increasing gamers aiming speed and accuracy or driving precision by 33%.

Also, the extra height will give more leverage, which in-turn will reduce the stress on gamers thumbs, giving them longer gaming sessions.